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'Mu', First Part - Don Cherry - 1969, BYG 529.301

Tracks - Brilliant Action, Omejelo, Total Vibration (Part 1), Total Vibration (Part 2), Sun Of The East, Terrestrial Beings

Musicians - Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell

Recorded August 22, 1969 at Studio Saravah.

A magnificent duo to start this series, the eternal traveler Don Cherry never stops backing up, building intangible bridges between cultures, curious about everything, open to everything. It blows in an old battered pocket trumpet dating from the American Civil War, in an Indian flute, or in another carved from bamboo.

His old accomplice Ed Blackwell directs him, pushes him. He opens possibilities, draws a mythical Orient using his brooms, plays bells and percussion.

A music is built, free as the wind, it carries within it what will be the Actuel serie spirit.

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