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Sounds of Feelings - Joachim Kühn - 1969, BYG 529.317

Tracks: Shadows, Wherever We Turn, Scandal, Wester Meaning, Baby Love, El Dorado, In The Middle Of The Way, Wellcome

Musicians: Joachim Kühn, J-F. Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano

Recorded January 25, 1969, Studio der Windrose, Hamburg

Europe is playing here, with its traditions and modernity. This trio, piano bass drums is absolutely excellent and this album which get off the beaten track  is a great success.

The last track "Wellcome" is a tribute to John Coltrane who composed the theme. “When a musician searches, he always goes through John Coltrane” said Joachim Kühn who has found his way, rocked by an enormous lyricism that fills his music.

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