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Catalyse - Ame Son - 1970, BYG 529.324

Tracks: Seventh Time Key, I Just Want To Say, Eclosion, Marie Aux Quatre Vents, Coeur Fou, La Globule, Le Mal Sonne, Reborn This Morning On The Way Of..., Unity, A Coup De Hache, Les Sables Mouvants, Hein, Quant A Toi, Comme Est Morte L'Evocation, Hommage

Musicians: François Garrel, Bernard Lavialle, Patrick Fontaine, Marc Blanc

Ame son is an underground rock group which can be compared to Gong and their philosophy.

Libertarian and soaring spirit - many lyrics and psychedelic improvisations.

This album will certainly remain a marker of its time. 

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