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Hommage to Africa - Sunny Murray - 1969, BYG 529.303

Tracks - Suns Of Africa - Part 1, Suns Of Africa - Part 2 R.I.P., Unity

Musicians - Sunny Murray, Clifford Thornton, Lester Bowie, Grachan Moncur III, Roscoe Mitchell, Archie Shepp, Kenneth Terroade, Dave Burrell, Malachi Favors, Alan Silva, Arthur Jones, Earl Freeman, Jeanne Lee

Recorded August 15, 1969, Paris.

A big free band of thirteen musicians on side one and a septet on side two. Led by Sunny Murray,  climates builder and climbs climax, gives us a beautiful  free jazz album where the imagination of musicians creates a dreamed Africa, a pure original world where the percussions rustle, the brass scream and the reeds sway.
An improvisation album where the musicians go wild following a simple frame agreed in a few sentences before recording.

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