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La Vie de Bohème - Dave Burrell - 1970, BYG 529.330

Tracks: First Act, Second Act (1st Part), Second Act (2nd Part), Third Act, Fourth Act

Musicians: Dave Burrell, Ric Colbeck, Grachan Moncur III, Kenneth Terroade, Beb Guérin, Claude Delcloo, Eleanor Burrell

Recorded December 21, 1969 - Studio Saravah - Paris

This album is a reinterpretation of the opera "La Bohême" by Giacomo Puccini. It's a project which Dave Burrell really cared about, but it was not easy to set up, fortunately everything is possible in Paris in this year 69.

It is not a new opera creation but an essentially instrumental reinterpretation. The reading will be done in the jazz way, and even sometimes with a hint of free. There are also a lot of Instrumental improvisations.

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