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Paris is Wonderful - Joachim Kühn - 1971, BYG 529.346

Tracks: It's Only For You, Love Is Here - Is There - Everywhere, Paris Is Wonderful

Musicians: Joachim Kühn, J.-F. Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano, Jacques Thollot, Georges Locatelli

Recorded October 27, 1969 (tracks A1-2) and February 11, 1970 (track B1) in Paris.

In this album Joachim Kühn plays with the rhythm section of his dreams, Jean-François Jenny-Clarke on bass and Aldo Romano on drums, but that's not all, Jacques Thollot also plays drums, the rhythm section is huge! There is also Georges Locatelli who plays guitar on "Paris is Wonderful" which occupies the entire second side of the record.

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