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Live at the Pan-African Festival - Archie Shepp - 1971, BYG 529.351

Tracks: Brotherhood At Ketchaoua, We Have Come Back (Part 1), We Have Come Back (Part 2)

Musicians: Archie Shepp, Clifford Thornton, Grachan Moncur III, Dave Burrell, Alan Silva, Sunny Murray, Don Lee, Ted Joans

Recorded live in Algiers during the first Panafrican Festival, July 29 & 30 1969 featuring Algerians and Touareg musicians.

A unique moment. In front of the Ketchaoua mosque, Shepp and his family in the middle of a crowd in trance. We do not hear everything, it swarms, it screams, it moves and it dances, the impression of being plunged in the middle of an uncontrollable event, between political and religious incantations. Agoraphobes abstain!

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