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New Africa - Grachan Moncur III - 1970, BYG 529.321

Tracks: New Africa, Space Spy, Exploration, When

Musicians: Burton Greene, Jacques Coursil, Arthur Jones, Beb Guerin, Dieter Gewissler, Claude Delcloo

Recorded August 11, 1969 in Paris.

The myth of Africa is powerful in the black-American population, Grachan Moncur is part of "those of Algiers", those who return from the Panafrican festival. Over there he composed this suite "New Africa", in four movements. Accompanied by Shepp, Alan Silva, Dave Burrell, Andrew Cyrille and Roscoe Mitchell he delivers music full of peace, hope and tranquillity. A magnificent album which ends with a splendid solo by Shepp.

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