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Love Rejoice - Kenneth Terroade - 1970, BYG 529.322

Tracks: Blessing, Love Rejoice

Musicians: Kenneth Terroade, Ronnie Beer, Evan Chandley, François Tusques, Beb Guerin, Earl Freeman, Claude Delcloo

Recorded June 10, 1969, Studio Saravah, Paris.

Kenneth Terroade is Jamaican, Ronnie Beer from South Africa, Evan Chandley and Earl Freeman from the United States, François Tusques, Claude Delcloo and Beb Guérin are French and the common point is they all live in Paris in 1969.

The music here, as a universal language, is entirely improvised. Kenneth Terroade only prepared a few notes before the session. Everything is played instinctively.

The interpretation is natural and spontaneous...

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