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Tarik - Dewey Redman - 1970, BYG 529.334

Tracks:  Tarik, Fo Io, Paris? Oui!, Lep-O-Lop, Related And Unrelated Vibrations

Musicians: Dewey Redman, Malachi Favors, Ed Blackwell

Recorded  October 1st, Studio E.T.A. 1969, Paris.

Dewey Redman is known to have played in "Old and New Dreams" as well as alongside Ornette Coleman and Keith Jarrett.

In this album, Dewey Redman with his saxophone, is at the head of a magnificent trio. Malachi Favors as bass player and Ed Blackwell as drummer. Two sound colorists, space seekers. Through this music we float, we go far, rocked by the warm sound of the sax..

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