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Aco Dei de Madrugada (One Morning I Waked Up Very Early) - Grachan Moncur III - 1970, BYG 529.333

Tracks: Aco Dei De Madrugada, Ponte IO, Osmosis, Tiny Temper

Musicians: Grachan Moncur III, Fernando Martins, Beb Guérin, Nelson Serra de Castro

Recorded September 10th and November 4th, 1969 - Studio Saravah - Paris.

In the studios Saravah, Grachan Moncur III sympathizes with two Brazilian musicians, the pianist Fernando Martins and the drummer Nelson Serra de Castro. They decide to play together Brazilian standards, whose names are slightly retouched to avoid having to pay copyright, as well as Grachan Moncur III compositions, almost forgetting the free, but making a beautiful harvest of sun rays and shimmering music.

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