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Sunshine - Sunny Murray - 1971, BYG 529.348

Tracks: Flower Trane, Real, Red Cross

Musicians: Sunny Murray, Lester Bowie, Archie Shepp, Kenneth Terroade, Dave Burrell, Alan Silva, Malachi Favors

Recorded August 15, 1969 at Studio Saravah - Paris

This album comes from the same sessions as "Hommage to Africa". A single track occupies the first side "Flower Trane" with Lester Bowie on trumpet, Archie Shepp and Kenneth on saxes, two bassists, Alan Silva and Malachi Favors balance Sunny Murray's powerful playing. Dave Burrell does the binder.

Heavy, emphatic, impressive collective improvisation.

"Real" is a huge song featuring a very inspired, intense and impetuous Kenneth Terroade, Alan Silva brilliant at the bass, Sunny Murray on the cymbals. The insurgent "Red Cross" that follows, starring Arthur Jones and Roscoe Mitchell, is also flamboyant.

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