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Black Suite - Jacques Coursil - 1971, BYG 529.349

Tracks: Black Suite: Part 1, Black Suite: Part 2

Musicians: Jacques Coursil, Arthur Jones, Anthony Braxton, Burton Greene, Beb Guerin, Claude Delcloo

Recorded in Paris, June 10, 1969.

In fact this album was recorded by Martinican trumpeter Jacques Coursil a month before 'Way Ahead', released at the beginning of the series. 

A single long piece that continues on the second side. The album switches between jazz and contemporary music. Silence is integrated into the spaces and punctuates the sonic evolution. The lyricism is very present, the playing of Coursil which revolves around the bass of Beb Guérin is remarkable. Beautiful melodies are deploying, a great peace of mind inhabits this album.

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