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Stigmates - Michel Puig - 1969, BYG 529.307

Tracks:  Scènes 1 à 3, Scènes 4 à 6

Chamber opera from a text by Jacques Pajak.

Recorded at Intersonor Studio.

A contemporary work directed by chef René Leïbowitz. The subject is quite frightening : a plea against torture by evoking the period of "French Algeria".
The album is very realistic, it immerses us in a prison world made of fears, cries and sufferings.

The work unfolds like an opera, telling a story whose writing is precise and detailed, almost surgical, nothing will be spared the listener who is immersed in horror and the unspeakable.

The theme : the torture and the marks it leaves, these stigmas which are indelibly inscribed in the epidermis of our society ...

This disc is dedicated to the memory of the painter and poet Jacques Pajak (1930-1965).

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