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Aquariana - Burton Greene Ensemble - 1969, BYG 529.308

Tracks: Aquarius Suite: Mystery/Eastern/Piano Trio/Interpretation/Basses Painters/Aquariana, From "Out Of Bartok", Two-One-Two Vibrations

Musicians: Burton Greene, Jacques Coursil, Arthur Jones, Beb Guerin, Dieter Gewissler, Claude Delcloo

Recorded June 9, 1969 - Studio Saravah, Paris.

Narada Burton Greene is undoubtedly a figure of free jazz, the fact remains that recorded music is rarely completely improvised, a structure is generally created before the performance and the roles are distributed. The musicians know each other. During the performance, gestures and looks play an important role.

In this context the music wanted by Burton Greene is strongly structured, it nevertheless reserves pure moments of raw creation completely dishevelled and clearly ranks in improvised music.

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